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MindWell-U is a leader in e-mental health and delivers evidence-based, bilingual mindfulness training that leads to less stress, more joy and peak performance.

Welcome to MindWell-U's Hub!

By signing up for the MWUhub using the form you'll gain access to free mindfulness resources including webinars, podcasts, articles and more.

It's also in the MWUhub where you'll be able to register for the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge which is an evidence-based training that's proven among other things to lower stress, increase resilience and improve performance in just 5-10 minutes a day online. No scented candles, yoga mats or dark rooms required!

The cost of the Challenge is $25 per person and includes a free buddy to take the training with you.

Company users and Buddies:
Please use the unique registration link provided by your organization or via email to register. If you have any questions about registration please email us at Challenge@MindWellU.com and we'll get you sorted out straight away.