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Mindfulness in New Brunswick

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge
Available from a computer, tablet or phone in both English and French, MindWell-U offers online mindfulness training proven to improve mental wellness, resiliency and performance and it just takes 5-10 minutes a day. Join the 30-day challenge today and invite a buddy for free!
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Mindfulness in New Brunswick
The Government of New Brunswick has partnered with MindWell-U, a Canadian healthtech firm committed to enriching lives, communities and organizations via mindfulness, to offer a suite of mindfulness programs to the people of New Brunswick. These programs include:

The MindWell Challenge
The 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge is an on-line, evidence-based curriculum shown by university researchers to lower stress, increase resilience and improve well-being, performance and optimism. The Challenge starts every Monday and only takes 5 to 10 minutes a day. As well, everyone who registers for the Challenge gets to invite a buddy to take the challenge with them for free.

The Mini MindWell Challenge
A shorter, slimmed down version of the Full Challenge. The Mini is a great way for those on the fence to get started or for those who feel they are just too busy to commit to 30 days of training. The Mini can be a great first step for newcomers, as well as the perfect refresher for someone who has already taken the full Challenge.

Studio BE
Studio BE provides a variety of live engaging and informative content that supports learners on their mindfulness journeys. Programs available through Studio BE include:

  • Webinar Series – Studio BE produces a Live Webinar Series with MindWell Faculty, focusing on a new topic each month. Audience members are encouraged to participate via live polls and insightful questions. Dr. Soloway and the MindWell Faculty provide answers to audience questions in real-time.
  • Virtual Mindfulness Studio – Studio BE also produces MindWell’s live online mindfulness studio, offering weekly drop-in classes. These classes run for 20 minutes at midday, so employees can also easily take a class, get refreshed and return to work, all without leaving their desk. Recordings of past classes and webinars are also available on demand.

This service is provided by MindWell-U, made available to New Brunswick residents through funding from the Government of New Brunswick. The Government of New Brunswick has no role in delivering this service and does not collect any personal information. The collection and use of personal information by MindWell-U is subject to the MindWell-U Privacy Policy https://www.mindwellu.com/privacy-policy .

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