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You can change your notification preferences on your Challenge Dashboard. Login, select the Mindfulness Challenge and go to "Notification Settings" on your Challenge Dashboard. You can select your preference for receiving emails and SMS.

To change email preferences for Keep-5-Alive, please click Settings for "Keep 5 Alive" on MyHub.

You can change your email in your profile settings. To get to this, click on 'My Profile', under the 'MyHub' dropdown menu.

Please make sure to check your spam/junk folders, as well as search your mailboxes for an email from noreply@mindwellu.com.

If you're having trouble clicking the button in your registration email, look out for the area of the email that says "Link not working? Try here: …" and copy and paste the link manually into your browser.

If you are not receiving the daily email please check your spam/junk folder.  Search your email folders for an email from challenge@mindwellu.com.  If you find the email in the spam folder, mark as "not spam".

If the email address you are receiving emails to is being forwarded from another account. Please check the folders (spam/junk) of that home email account.