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When you register as a main user you are allowed to invite one buddy for free to take the training with you. This buddy can be anyone you want that is from outside of your organization. Ideally you choose someone that is going to engage in this training with you and motivate you to stay on track. Please do not invite a buddy from inside your organization. You will have an opportunity to connect with people from inside your organization via the company message centre.

Tip: Try to avoid choosing a buddy who you think 'needs this training' and instead choose a buddy who is going to love this training and be a strong support for you! You can always go back and sign up that other buddy who needs it later.

You and your buddy will go through the same 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge and be connected through the Message Centre. As you go through the content on the Challenge, you respond to questions that are posted to the Message Centre for you both to see. You and your buddy can deepen your learning and engagement via ongoing conversations on the Message Centre.

Ideally, yes. Research tells us that buddies help drive engagement, compliance and completion which is why we've incorporated them into the Challenge. Just think about going to the gym with a buddy or going on a diet with a buddy… helps motivate you right?? It’s the same thing with the Challenge. Ideally choose someone who has your back and wants the best for you… Could be a friend, neighbour or family member. And they'll be thankful you brought them this opportunity to learn mindfulness together!

That's no problem. Simply follow the steps as if you had one. But again, having a buddy is a feature that comes at no cost to you or your organization so it would be great if you could invite a friend, or anyone really.

One buddy is included in each challenge at no cost. You are permitted to invite one additional buddy to each challenge. The cost for an additional buddy is $25 per challenge.

No problem! All you have to do is click the "X" beside your buddy's invite on your Dashboard to cancel the invite. Then click "+ Buddy" to re-enter the invite with the correct email.

If your buddy's invite is pending, this means they still need to accept invitation that was sent to their email. Be sure to ask them to look in their spam/junk folders as well as search their mailboxes for an email from challenge@mindwellu.com.

This likely means your buddy has accidentally canceled the invitation. Please contact the person who invited you and ask them to resend the invitation by clicking the "+ Buddy" button on their Dashboard.

Totally ok! It is best to choose a pacing option that best suits your learning style. You can share and stay in touch no matter what day you are on.