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What you’ll get when you sign up to MindWell:

  • Take 5 Daily: Daily learning and habits to decrease stress and feel your best every day - for whatever life brings your way.
  • Transform all areas of your life with access to MindWell’s live 4-week programs led by leaders in the industry on topics such as: Mindful Cooking: Healthy Meals Made Simple, Foundations of Self-Compassion, and Financial Freedom.
  • Build long-lasting results and habits when you join MindWell’s live 20-minute classes that cover everything from mindful movement and exercise to peak performance and practical reflection. It’s like a virtual mindfulness studio right in your own home.
  • Deepen your learning and expand your progress with MindWell’s video library: A comprehensive on-demand video library of class recordings, mindfulness practices, learning webinars and more.
  • Gain full access to Take 5 Daily, live classes and MindWell’s extensive video on demand library for 12 months.

$119 CAD includes access for an entire year!

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